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The Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (affectionately known as COPA) is a non-profit global organization made up of like-minded individuals looking to stay safe in the air and build relationships on the ground through the online and in-person sharing of real-world aviation experiences.

Comprised of pilots, enthusiasts, and industry insiders, COPA proudly maintains an online forum dedicated to supporting the Cirrus community while offering exclusive access to training programs, social events, and substantial savings on the products and services our members need to ensure the safest and most rewarding flight experience possible.

CAPS saves lives

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Thanks to CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) these individuals have returned home safely.

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It could literally save your life

Did you know COPA members are 50% less likely to crash?

Why? Because at COPA, safety is our number one priority. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or brand new to the Cirrus community, we offer numerous training and proficiency programs carefully designed to meet your educational needs and goals. 

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Your membership pays for itself

Think of your membership fee more like an investment in your future.
In addition to receiving exclusive access to essential training and safety seminars, COPA’s Member Advantage program provides great discounts on products from leading aviation suppliers as Jeppesen and Best Tugs.

With COPA members saving an average of $1000 annually, you'll avoid expensive maintenance mistakes, get quick and convenient troubleshooting tips, and learn about the latest and most cost-effective products on the market from some of the industry’s top aviation mechanics and leaders.

Meet 6,400 of your new best friends!

Thinking about getting your Commercial, IFR, or even ATP? 
With a global network of over 6,400 members worldwide, COPA allows you to connect and engage with folks from all walks of life eager to answer your questions and share their own stories and experiences to help you make a decision that’s right for you.

We’re all about making memories.

Want to join 200 Cirrus owners for a fly-in weekend hanging on the beach? Now you can! Land in nearly any city on the planet and chances are there’s a COPA member nearby to lend a hand or grab a beer. 

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Events coming soon

Whether looking to expand your horizons, make lifelong friends, or simply stay up to date on industry regulations, COPA’s got you covered with a host of new and exciting events far and wide to keep our members connected and our community growing.

Jun 7
C2A events

C2A Clinic - Williamsport, PA

COPA to AirVenture is a group of pilots who enjoy formation flying. We practice throughout the year,...
Williamsport, PA
Northeast United States Region
Jun 7
C2A events

C2A Clinic - Bend, OR

COPA to AirVenture is a group of pilots who enjoy formation flying. We practice throughout the year,...
Bend, OR
Northwest United States Region
Jun 8
Safety events

CPPP One-Day - Pella, IA

CPPP One-Day in Pella, IA | Registration is OPEN!

June 8, 2024

Pella, IA
North Central United States Region

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Thanks for all the Good Info Smile (on airports and FBOs) I now have ten times more info than i had previously, and can make an Informed decision, This is just one of many reasons why i find $65 a year for COPA dues to be worthwhile.


I make a living teaching others about these great aircraft, and I use COPA and COPA Pilot magazine to keep me up to date with current maintenance and safety issues. I spend time with each student during initial and recurrent training, discussing accident statistics. The compilation of data contained in this website and in the Safety Issue makes for easy analysis and if incorporated in proper training should have an impact on fleet training.

California, USA

Those scheduled for the initial [COPA Pilot Proficiency Program] flight training expressed anxiety as they were over-awed by the resumes of their allocated COPA instructors. However, upon return they all had grins borne out of accomplishment and amazement as to how good the instructors were at stretching their flight envelope without putting them down.


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