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COPA endorses pilots who buy a used aircraft to participate in transition training through the Cirrus Embark program:

"At Cirrus, we recognize the important role that an aircraft plays in each pilot’s life and how their Cirrus shapes their very lifestyle. Cirrus owners share a passion for the Cirrus Life™, flying to a diverse array of destinations and using their Cirrus to fly friends, clients, colleagues, and family members. Cirrus Aircraft is not only focused on producing the smartest, safest, most innovative general aviation aircraft a pilot could desire, but also driven to enable safe, competent and proficient pilots to create safer skies.

Whether you purchase a factory new aircraft directly from Cirrus, or a pre-owned Cirrus from a 3rd party, our philosophy towards training is the same: Cirrus-specific training from authorized Cirrus training providers is imperative to your Cirrus Life experience. Cirrus’ revolutionary flight training initiative, Cirrus Approach™, is a crucial companion-piece to each aircraft we produce, and it redefines what it is to be a pilot in training, both on the ground and in the sky.

Cirrus Embark was thoughtfully designed as part of Cirrus Approach™ to address the specific needs of pre-owned Cirrus buyers and provide complimentary, Cirrus-specific, standardized differences and transition training for every licensed pilot who purchases a pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. No catch. Just our way of welcoming you to the Cirrus family and demonstrating our commitment to your safety.

As part of Cirrus Embark, every new pre-owned Cirrus owner will receive a login to the Cirrus Approach Learning Portal, a complimentary 1-year membership to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), a copy of the Cirrus FOM and aircraft POH, a redemption code for the iFOM, and one-on-one Cirrus Transition Training with an authorized Cirrus training provider, tailored to the pilot’s previous experience. Once you enroll in the program, a Cirrus Flight Training Advisor will contact you to discuss your training needs and connect you with a CSIP or CTC to schedule your flight training."

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