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COPA encourages pilots who buy a used aircraft to participate in transition training through the Cirrus Embark program:

"Our goal from the beginning was to redefine personal aviation by creating the safest and most innovative aircraft, built for the pilot and the passengers. We started by designing smart avionics and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® and then added our award-winning training program, Cirrus Approach™, to prepare confident and proficient pilots for safer skies.

Whether you purchase a new or pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, our philosophy towards training is the same – Cirrus transition training through our global network of Cirrus Training Centers is the best first step to enjoying your Cirrus Life. And now, for the first time, we’re proud to offer a program designed exclusively for owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft: Cirrus Embark.

Cirrus Embark was thoughtfully created by our talented flight training team to address the specific needs of pre-owned Cirrus buyers with complimentary, Cirrus-specific, standardized differences and transition training. It’s available complimentary to licensed pilots who purchase pre-owned Cirrus aircraft and includes:

  • Access to the Cirrus Approach Learning Portal
  • Redemption code for the iFOM
  • One-on- One Cirrus Transition Training with an authorized Cirrus training provider, tailored to your training needs

Cirrus Approach – and now Cirrus Embark – redefines what it means to be a pilot in training, in the air and on the ground. Welcome to the Cirrus family and to your new Cirrus Life."

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