Mission & Goals

In the air and on the ground, COPA SEF proudly supports the safety needs of the global Cirrus Community through the ongoing development and promotion of assorted aviation-related education materials, seminars, and training services designed to encourage the safer operation of the Cirrus aircraft. As a nonprofit organization, COPA SEF supports this mission by raising funds through charitable contributions and defining the appropriate use of these funds in accordance with the above goals.

Meet our trustees

SEF Trustee Waddell
Mark E. Waddell,

Mark lives in New York with his wife Monica.  He chairs the patent litigation practice for a national law firm. He also holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and focuses his law practice on pharmaceuticals and other life science matters.

Mark’s interest in COPA’s safety education efforts deepened when his last aircraft, an SR22 G3 TN, suffered a CAPS pull in 2018. He maintains accident and incident data used by COPA-U and develops course content for the College of Aviation Safety. Mark holds a private pilot SEL certificate and instrument rating and is currently working on his commercial.  He also flies charity missions for Angel Flight Northeast.  He’s owned four Cirrus aircraft, and currently flies an SR22 G6 NA FIKI.

A COPA member since 2009, Mark has attended nine CPPP events and three Migrations. In 2020, he was the first recipient of the CPPP Instructors’ Landing Challenge Coin.

Mark has four children - two boys and two girls – and two grandchildren.


Trustee Service Start Date: 2019

SEF Trustee Gun
Arthur Gunn,

Arthur Gunn, Safety and Education Foundation Treasurer, is a second generation pilot. His dad was in the RCAF, and later flew an Apache in which Arthur developed the flying bug. For his 15th birthday, his parents bought him 5 hours at a local flying club’s “co-pilot” course. He soloed a couple of weeks after his 16th birthday and received his Transport Canada license the day before his 17th birthday.  His LLC purchased a 2006 SR22 NA in the summer of 2015.  Arthur obtained his Instrument Rating in 2016 and acheived his commercial ceritificate in 2021. Arthur is a CPA licensed in the State of Illinois, and earned a BA in Economics, a MBA in Finance, as well as a MSc in Taxation. He also is a Certified Fraud Examiner. In his professional life, after working at the Federal Reserve Bank and Deloitte, he was a partner in a small CPA firm before starting his firm in 2003. His firm’s niche is working with not-for profits. He serves as a Peer Reviewer in the State of Illinois, serves on the Professional Standards Department Executive Committee of the CPA Alliance, the Audit and Assurance Committee of the IL CPA Society, and is a former chair of the Illinois CPA Society Not for Profit Conference. In his personal life, Arthur and his wife Rhonda, maintain a home in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He has two children, a daughter who is a teacher and a son who is an cyber defense IT professional, and a third generation pilot. Arthur’s other passions are Facetiming with his granddaughter, music (his Celtic rock band recorded 3 CDs), guitar collecting and he rides a motorcycle.


Trustee Service Start Date: 2018

SEF Trustee Kaufman
Bruce Kaufman ,

Kaufman obtained his SEL license in 1989 at Midway airport, Chicago.  He was a co-owner in a C-182 in St. Louis for 10 years, before moving to Milwaukee where he currently lives and works.  He is an original partner in a “classic 6-pack” 2002 Cirrus G1 (SN 337) that he continues to own and fly.  He also owns and flies a 1946 Globe Swift (“Super Swift”) that in addition to many mechanical modifications has been upgraded to modern avionics.

Bruce was a ‘founding member’ of the COPA Safety and Education Foundation and has been a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Safety Foundation for many years, and is a continuing contributor to their Hat in the Ring Society.  Bruce along with Matt McDaniel (Platinum CSIP, Master Flight Instructor, and Alaska Airlines captain) set a national flying record – landing at every public paved airport in the state of Wisconsin in one day (104 airports in just over 17 hours).   

Bruce still maintains a ‘day job’ as a pediatric neurosurgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and is a Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee).  He has been the chief of his division and leader of several national Pediatric Neurosurgery organizations.  He is married to Anna, and along with their two golden retrievers Sargent and Duke, they all love to fly the Cirrus around the Northern Hemisphere!


Trustee Service Start Date: 2019

SEF Trustee Preusser
Timm Preusser,

Timm Preusser is a founding member of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, where he served 12 years on the Board of Directors (and currently serves again). He is one of the founders of the COPA Safety and Education Foundation, where he is a member of the Board of Trustees. Timm is a mechanical engineer with a PhD who started his career as an assistant professor at the Technical University Darmstadt and later held executive positions in multi-national enterprises. Timm is a professional pilot, flight instructor, Platinum CSIP and Designated Pilot Examiner, with ATP and type ratings. He is managing partner with FTA Flugtraining Aschaffenburg, an EASA approved flight training organization (ATO) and Platinum Cirrus Training Center.

Timm has logged 7.000 flight hours in different types of airplanes, including turbine aircraft, with a majority of 5.000 hours in Cirrus airplanes, most of them as an instructor or examiner. He has flown and instructed in Europe, USA, Africa and Australia, and has completed 16 North Atlantic crossings in SR20/22 planes. He is a FAA Gold Seal Instructor and a 12 time Master Instructor. As an educator by heart, his main activities center around creating lectures and giving presentations for COPA University™, AOPA, flight instructor refresher clinics, in his own flight school and, of course, writing articles for COPA Pilot magazine. His main interests are in TAA, avionics and human performance. He is a member in several renowned aviation societies (AOPA, SAFE, NAFI).

Timm and his wife, Gerda (also a mechanical engineer with PhD, private instrument pilot, instrument ground instructor, and certified aviation auditor), conducted and instructed on more than 50 international CPPPs since 2003, in places as fancy as Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland, South Africa and United Kingdom. Their great common goal is to improve the international general aviation safety through instruction, recurrent training and providing insight.

On the SEF board and in COPA University™, Timm’s responsibilities are the international training events (outside USA) and driving the structural development of COPA University™ forward. Timm is the author of the 2021-2026 strategic plan for COPA University™ which aims to become a worldwide recognized institution for aviation safety and training for TAA pilots.


Trustee Service Start Date: 2014

SEF Trustee Niemyer
Andrew "Andy" Niemyer,

Andrew "Andy" Niemyer has been active as an adult in aviation since 1975, first flying professionally in the US Navy and later as a general aviation pilot since 1989. With over 5000 total flight hours, he has long been an advocate for continuing training and education for all pilots and the aviation community in general. He is one of the original founders of the COPA Safety and Education Foundation, working with such recognized aviation safety visionaries as Rick Beach to achieve the Foundation's recognition as an Internal Revenue Service 501(C)3 Charitable Organization. He has been a Trustee since the Foundation’s establishment. He has also served as the President of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, from 2012 to 2016. He holds both Single Engine and Multi-Engine Land and Single Engine Seaplane ratings.


Trustee Service Start Date: 2014

SEF Trustee Woods
Carrie Woods,

Carrie Woods has been an active pilot for nearly 20 years (YES- women fly!) with an instrument rating, and a COPA member for nearly as many years.  Carrie (and her co-pilot / spouse Doug) attended the very first Migration in Duluth, and together they have only missed the two Las Vegas Migrations.  She and Doug have enjoyed flying their first Cirrus (2002 G1) and their current SR22 G2 all of those years.

Starting with a suggestion made at the first Migration (M1), she organized the original COPA dinner at EAA AirVenture.  The first dinner had under 30 people attending, but has now grown to a gathering of over 300 attendees.  She is well known to the COPA community (and feared in the vendor world) for her ability to collect ‘door prizes’ for COPA events.

Carrie accepted a position on the COPA Safety and Education Foundation Board of Trustees in 2018, and as the Safety and Education Foundation separated from the COPA social organization she became its first President in March 2019.  She remains on the SEF Board of Trustees, but is now the Chairperson of COPA Pilot Proficiency Programs.


Trustee Service Start Date: 2019

Tim Loy,

Tim was exposed to general aviation as a kid. His father had a Mooney, 201AL, and regularly took up friends and out of town visitors to fly over Mt. St. Helens in the aftermath of its 1981 eruption.  But it wasn’t until Tim’s youngest was a senior in high school that he finally got a greenlight from his wife, Amy, to pursue his long stated goal of learning to fly.  Twenty hours into training in a Cessna 172, Tim asked his instructor if he’d ever had to put down in a field, and the instructor said “Yes. Twice, as a matter of fact.  Both times in this airplane!”  The next day, Tim went under contract for an SR22T G6 and did the remainder of his private and instrument in a Cirrus, and now flies primarily to hopscotch between business locations spread across the country.  He took delivery of a new SR22T, 211AL, in late 2022. 


Tim’s business is a safety company, Mallory Safety, that distributes safety products, provides safety training and safety managers, so he spends a lot of time thinking about how to build a safety culture.  He joined the SEF Board because, in many ways, aviation safety is the gold standard in developing safer practices and attitudes, and some of the work he was exposed to in a CPPP is really next level for general aviation.  Tim’s particular focus on SEF is on marketing the training events and resources and fundraising, so if you are reading this, please consider attending one of the outstanding CPPP events, and if fortunate enough to be able to, please consider donating to the COPA SEF so that we can keep up with training that will keep you and other Cirrus pilot’s and their families and loved one’s safe through training that makes a difference, that keeps our perishable flying skills sharp, that fill in the gaps or complacency that may have crept into our flying technique or decision-making, and that helps us build a culture of safety among the Cirrus community.  You can donate [HERE].


Tim is married to his high school sweetheart, Amy, who is a high school English teacher, they have either 2 or 5 kids, they reside in Portland, Oregon, and enjoy the outdoors, travel, family and friends. 


Trustee Service Start Date: 2023

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