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COPA Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP)

The CPPP (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program) is a world-class recurrent training program that focuses on Cirrus-specific education, safety, and flying proficiency for pilots, owners, and partners seeking to make the most of their Cirrus experience. Conducted by COPA University in conjunction with the COPA Safety and Education Foundation LLC, these fun and informative weekend-long events are tailored to the participant’s recurrent training requirements and include intense ground instruction, and when available, hands-on flight instruction and/or simulator provided by some of world’s best Platinum CSIP's.

In addition, all CPPP participants and their partners are welcome to attend our social events including the Saturday evening dinner. For more information on dates, locations, and available training sessions, please review upcoming CPPP events.

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Ground Instruction (Offered in all CPPPs)

All CPPP events include up to 15 hours of classroom-style ground instruction, with the following additional weekend training options offered upon availability.

Flight Simulation

Participants receive a one-on-one integrated flight simulation/ IFR procedures review. The flight simulation session utilizes the latest Noble Perspective / Perspective + and RealSimGear Avidyne Entegra simulators.

Flight Instruction

What better way to learn more about your airplane and how to fly it than registering for a flight or two with a highly experienced Platinum CSIP?  You will learn about risk management, components, and systems in your airplane and best practices for avionics. Each session will start with a short cross-country flight followed by a pattern and normal landing. From there it's your choice of what you would like to work on for the remainder of the session.


Available to non-pilot flying companions during 3-day CPPP events, this course is intended to teach them how to be an active participants in the flight as a resource to the pilot, and explain the availability and use of safety equipment in an emergency, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

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People at a conference
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Additional Safety Resources

One Day CPPP

Unable to commit to a full CPPP weekend? We understand. As part of our ongoing commitment to reach as many pilots as possible, we’re proud to offer the one day CPPP. This in-depth, one-day training program is designed to deliver a comprehensive overview of new and updated ground courses developed by COPA University with the goal of reaching a wider audience in locations where a CPPP is not scheduled.


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Critical Decision Making (CDM)

At CDM events we look at ourselves. We discuss with each other how we think and what drives us to make the decisions that we make. We take an honest look at ourselves and explore our health, our proficiency, our attitudes toward safety, and our current skill set. We look at scenarios that other pilots have faced and ask ourselves questions like “What would I do?" “Would that have been a good decision for me?” “What might I have I done differently”? We explore external pressures and how they affect our decision-making process. Wings credit is available for these 3-4 hour discussions.

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COPA on Youtube

As the flight training safety arm of the COPA Safety and Education Foundation, COPA University strives to provide the latest and most comprehensive Cirrus-related resources to our valued members and associates. Featuring a vast library of short instructional videos researched and published by COPA volunteers, we invite you to visit our channel.

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Go ahead. Jump in with your questions. Of course, do some diligence with the search function by posing your topic and reviewing some of the 1,000,000 posts already on the COPA forum since 2001! We’re confident you’ll find the COPA community continues to show its generosity in responding to questions about things of interest to pilots new to Cirrus.

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Cirrus Embark

Designed exclusively for new owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, the Cirrus Embark program offers complimentary training to address the needs of pilots and owners of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft. For more information visit the official Cirrus Embark Program page.

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