Aviation and Pilot Watch Recommendations


Posted on Mar 15, 2021 by Ethan Narber

Everyone has their go-to watch to wear while flying. Whether it’s a smart watch, or an old classic, there is a reason for every pilot having their “flying watch.” In a recent thread on the forums, COPA members gave their recommendations for their favorite aviation watches. Below is a list of the most frequently mentioned brands and models. Click here for the full thread, and be sure to join the conversation by leaving your recommendations.

Garmin (www.garmin.com)

  • D2 PX
  • D2 Air

Breitling (www.breitling.com)

  • Multiple Models

Oris (www.oris.ch)

  • ProPilot

Torgoen (www.torgoen.com)

  • T9 Collection
  • T25 Collection

Popular Types of Watches

Chronograph - A chronograph watch is a type of watch that incorporates a stop watch with a display watch. Each brand or differing models might have multiple additional complications and sub dials that do more specific things like counting seconds, minutes, and hours. A tachymeter might also be incorporated on the rim of the watch, which is a mechanism used to calculate speed based on time traveled, or distance based on speed.

Smart Watch - Smart Watches are becoming more and more popular. These watches are more like computers on your wrist. Each brand of smart watch (Apple, Garmin, Samsung, Fitbit, etc.) will accomplish varying goals based on the features that it has. See each brand’s website for details on specific smart watches. Popular features include stop watches, pulse oximeters, and integration with popular aviation technology/apps.

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