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COPA Pilot Proficiency Program

The Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (aka, “COPA”) is not in any way affiliated with Cirrus Aircraft, the manufacturer. Cirrus is a registered trademark of Cirrus Aircraft


The CPPP (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program) is simply the best recurrent training program available to COPA Pilots and includes up to 15 hours of intense ground/sim instruction and up to 6 hours of flight instruction provided by some of world’s best CSIP's.

The CPPP is conducted by the COPA Training Foundation LLC*, and offers a weekend event for Cirrus owners and their partners that focuses on Cirrus-specific knowledge and flying proficiency. We bring some of the most experienced flight instructors who regularly teach in all kinds of Cirrus airplanes flown for all kinds of missions. We have prepared an extensive syllabus of ground courses that complement the transition training and delve into areas of greatest need for COPA Pilots.

Why Participate in a CPPP?

This is honestly some of the best training I have received, and I have been part 121 airline trained! I feel this is because of the passion of the instructors and members have for safety, and the love of their Cirrus aircraft. My wife did the partner in command track and my wife wants to fly more now that she is more comfortable. If for no others reason than that, it’s worth it! If you haven’t been to one, Do it! If you haven’t been to one in a while, Do It Again!

COPA member

If you want to have a great experience, make new friends, enjoy yourself, and significantly improve your piloting skills and flying safely, DO NOT MISS CPPP!

Lakeland CPPP participant

CPPP weekends combine intense Cirrus-specific knowledge with social interaction with other like-minded pilots and their partners. Come for the fun and learn something.

The instructors (ground and flight) [at a CPPP weekend] are among the best available worldwide, not only in terms of subject matter expertise, but also the all important interpersonal relationship skills and ability to precisely address individual goals. And to top it off, the opportunities for casual "hangar talk" with like minded enthusiasts is terrific.

Lakeland CPPP participant

CPPP instructors are great, but the valuable contributions by the attendees can really add insights and practical tips for getting the most out of your Cirrus. Come join the discussions.

CPPP is fantastic and a wonderful learing experience. I highly recommend the simulator.

Las Vegas CPPP participant

All CPPP weekends offer the John Leber Simulator Laboratory. We bring several desktop flight simulators to each event. Emergency procedures in a simulator can go much farther into the accident chain than an instructional flight. Partner-in-Command participants have a special simulator session that extends the classroom experience by practicing what they learn, including pulling the red CAPS handle.

Do it...definitely a safer pilot after this weekend

Las Vegas CPPP participant

COPA promotes safety. CPPP promotes safety. And accident statistics reveal that COPA members and CPPP participants are much less involved in accidents. You participation makes a difference.

CPPP Participation Choices

For recurrent training, a CPPP includes a choice between flight + ground sessions, sim +ground sessions, or just ground only. We welcome your non-pilot partners at social events as well as the Partner in Command course. And we invite CFI/CSIP's, who want the most complete Cirrus-specific knowledge, through a Non-Owner CFI/CSIP registration at a discounted rate that just covers our costs.

All CPPP participants are welcome to our social events including the Friday evening reception and the Saturday evening dinner.

Flight + Ground Participants

Participants that choose Ground + 2 Flight will receive 9 hours of ground instruction and 6 hours of flight instruction, including pre- and post-flight briefings with their CSIP. Participants choosing Ground + 1 Flight will receive 12 hours of ground instruction and 3 hours of flight instruction. Flight instruction is tailored to the participant’s recurrent training requirements – and participants are encouraged to choose from a list of areas when registering they would like to emphasize during flight training. You will have the opportunity to achieve a Flight Review or an IPC at a CPPP but it must be coordinated in advance with the program director.

CPPP offers FAA Wings credit for flight re-currency as well as ground courses, sufficient to qualify for the Basic Level that satisfies the requirement for a current flight review (ref 14 CFR 61.56(e)).

Ground + Flight Simulation

Ground + Flight Simulation participants receive 3 hours of one on one integrated flight simulation/ IFR procedures review and 12 hours of ground instruction. The Flight simulation session utilizes the John Leber Memorial Labratory and FLYTHISSIM VX procedure trainers.

Ground Only Participants

Ground Only participants receive 15 hours of ground instruction. Please note that not all courses may be available at each CPPP. See the Syllabus tab for a full description of Ground Courses

Non-Owner CFI

COPA appreciates that certified instructors are vital to our flight safety. We welcome CFI/CSIP's who are COPA members with a discounted rate at our cost. These CFI/CSIP's may attend any ground sessions and receive a binder of all the course materials. They are welcome at all of the meals and social events during the weekend. In some instances, Non-Owner CFI/CSIP's have requested to fly back seat during a flight session with the permission of the flight participant and the CPPP instructor. Non-Owner CFI is intended for full-time CFI's/CSIP's who give instruction as their full-time occupation and DO NOT own an aircraft of any type.

Partner in Command

This is a separate track available to spouses, significant others, or other non-pilot frequent flying companions. This course is intended to make the non-pilot right-seater more comfortable in the aircraft, teach them how to be an active participant in the flight as a resource to the pilot, and explain the availability and use of safety equipment in an emergency, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This segment is generally offered Saturday morning from 8 to 11am.

Course Fees

  • Ground + 2 Three Hour Flight Sessions: $1450 (optional cancellation insurance $145)
  • Ground + 1 Three Hour Flight: $1150 (optional cancellation insurance $115)
  • Ground + Three Hour Flight Simulation and Ground Training: $1,025 (includes cancellation insurance)
  • Ground Program-Only: $850 (includes cancellation insurance)
  • Non-Owner CFI/CSIP: $200
  • Partners: $150 when accompanying a paid participant
*The COPA Training LLC is part of the COPA Safety and Education Foundation(SEF) and the SEF and Training LLC are separate legal entities from COPA.