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Site Upgrade News
  • Site Upgrade News 5-9-2014

    I wanted to provide the members an update on the site. Over the last few weeks our support team have been analyzing the site performance and where could be changes to improve performance. First a little discussion on how the Telligent software works...
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  • Site Upgrade News 26 April 2014

    This week our support team applied some hot fixes from Zimbra/Telligent. This included an updated version of TinyMCE Editor that is used in our site for Forums/blogs/wikis/and Private messages. Release notes indicates this should fix some formatting issues...
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  • COPA 3 - Onward and Upward

    This week marks a milestone for the COPA 3 upgrade. We pushed in some fixes last night that have now cleared all the high priority issues we have been working on. The big items in that upgrade was fixing a problem that had appeared with our calendar integration...
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  • COPA 3 - Report to the Board

    Today we had a project review with the COPA Board of Directors. Below is a summary of what was presented: Overall Summary The project is now where we would have liked to have been about 2 weeks ago. By missing that window, we have slipped into a period...
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  • COPA 3 - Happy New Year

    This week we have had the team back at partial strength in a holiday week. Nonetheless, we have continued an intense focus on the performance of the site, as well as some of the other issues. In particular, there has been a lot of work on the primary...
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