The weather products which this site links to are developed and maintained by various government and private entities; COPA provides only the links to these sites. As with all weather products, pilots must check issue and validity dates carefully when referencing this information. COPA maintains a log of all sites accessed by our members through the CPPP Weather pages to help members document the information gathered during a pre-flight briefing. However, COPA recommends that each pilot receive a full weather briefing from Flight Service prior to each flight.

Current Weather Map

Current Weather Map

The following sites are European "meta sites" with links to various weather products discussed in the European CPPP courses:

Weather Meta Sites

Here are some other weather resources that may be useful:

This is a link to the Gramet site. To use it, you put in the ICAO identifiers of the departure and arrival airports connected by an underline. In this example, I used EGSC_EGPK (Cambridge, Prestwick), enter the delay in hours before you plan to fly and the altitude expressed as a FL. The result looks something like this:

Here are few other interesting links:

Current lightning map 

Jeppesen icing forecast 

Satellite IR imagery