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Tech Talk

 Useful technical articles from past issues of COPA Pilot magazine in PDF format for easy online reading or printing.

Cirrus SR20-SR22 Model History 1999-2007

Reference for used Cirrus shoppers. Recap of standard and optional features, equipment, accessories, and pricing by serial number and year from the beginning of production to late 2007.

Technical Liaison Reports

COPA Technical liaisons keep informed on activities by manufacturers of equipment related to Cirrus aircraft. TL Reports are posted in the COPA Tech Liaison Reports forum as new information becomes available. These reports may include highlights of some Service Bulletins and other formal and informal information of use to Cirrus aircraft operators and used Cirrus shoppers.

COPA Discussion Forums

The most up-to-date information about Cirrus technical issues is often on the COPA forums. Search and read years of past discussions, join active discussions, read what others have to offer and ask your questions.  COPA members who take advantage of the experiences of others can avoid time-consuming and costly "re-inventing the wheel".

Cirrus Factory Publications & Resources

These are external links to useful resources at the Cirrus Aircraft website.

  • Service Publications including Service Bulletins, Service Advisories, Aircraft Flight Manuals & Supplements, and Airworthiness Directives by specific aircraft model and serial number.
  • Other Cirrus Aircraft resources including Service Center lookup, current publications & price lists, training references, and sales information.

 COPA Pilot Magazine Back Issues Archive

Heard about something interesting published in the COPA Pilotmagazine? This archive contains every issue of the COPA Pilotmagazine since January 2006. Click through to see the table of contents of all issues and articles, and a link to download the issue as a PDF file.

Cirrus Aircraft Literature Archive

COPA's collection of historical Cirrus catalogs, price lists, and other public information released by Cirrus Aircraft, going back to 1998. A goldmine of information for used-Cirrus shoppers.

COPA Literature Archive

Download COPA brochures and the COPA Code of Conduct.

Media Library

Find images, documents, and videos submitted by COPA members,and contribute your own media to the COPA community.