COPA University has purchased the unique programmer required to update the obstacle/terrain database cards for Garmin 430/430W navigators. This programmer travels to the CPPP weekends in the United States.

If you wish to update your obstacle/terrain database cards, please follow these steps. Note that we recommend you update the obstacle database but not the terrain database to save money, unless you are certain that you need that update.

1. Extract the obstacle/terrain database card from your Garmin 430/430W. It will be the rightmost of the two cards (not the NAVDATA card that is the leftmost card).

2. Go to and login to the Garmin website to purchase an update:

3. Once logged in, click on the Devices menu and choose your aircraft.

4. Choose your navigator and click on the BUY DATABASES

5. Choose your aircraft, the region for the update (usually US or US/Canada). IMPORTANT: click on SINGLE UPDATE, since obstacles don't change as often as NAVDATA updates and we do not recommend a subscription or bundle.

6. Under Obstacles, click SELECT then scroll down and click ADD TO CART.

7. Verify you have a minimal order, usually $49.95 for a single obstacle database update. Click CHECKOUT then complete payment step.

8. Bring the card to the CPPP and request an update using the programmer.

The instructions for using the database programmer.

1. Have the participant login to the Garmin website:

2. Select the aircraft and navigator and click INSTALL UPDATES.

3. Launch the programmer app (may need to DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS).

Make sure you log off or the next person might be updating off theirs.