Read and learn.  These safety resources published and assembled by COPA volunteers provide you with materials that can help answer your questions, reinforce your commitment to safety, and enhance your safe flying.

Study these resources to learn about flying your Cirrus aircraft more safely.  Cirrus Aircraft designed a host of features that enhance the safety of your airplane.  Unfortunately people can (and do) die in a safe airplane.  Why?  Many lessons can be learned from these resources.

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COPA Safety Programs

Participate in these COPA programs conducted by the COPA Training LLC and designed to help pilots of Cirrus aircraft operate in a safe and effective manner. COPA programs are held at locations across the continental USA and several locations in Europe.  These are events no COPA Pilot should miss.

COPA Safety Resources

Find on-line copies of training resources in the COPA Safety Gallery.  Recent additions include the updated Flight Operations Manual (FOM), training syllabi for transition, recurrent and integrated private pilot and instrument rating training, the Cirrus advisory guide for first responders, and various safety presentations.

Cirrus Safety History

How safe is the Cirrus?  These history pages list all of the known fatal accidents and CAPS parachute pulls.

Safety in COPA Pilot Magazine

Each bi-monthly issue of COPA Pilot magazine contains a safety column that touches on key safety insights that help COPA Pilots fly more safely.

The June 2017 Special Safety Issue revives a tradition that began about 10 years ago. This issue tells the story of how the Cirrus culture of safety impacted the decline in fatal accidents.

COPA Forum Discussions

The most intense and up-to-date information about Cirrus safety discussions are on the COPA forums.  When something happens, many COPA members provide updates, news stories, photographs, weather information, flight track data, and insightful commentary on things that have they have learned.  Join the discussions, read what others have to offer and then ask your questions.  When COPA members focus on learning from the experiences of others and avoid judging their mistakes, we make a contribution to flight safety.

Pull Early, Pull Often! Blog

Safety insights and lessons learned from accident investigation reports, compiled and presented as interesting stories about Cirrus safety.