I just attended the Concord CPPP, my third CPPP. The content and teaching was outstanding. The courses are continually refreshed and I learned a tremndous amount.  

I chose to focus on weather at this CPPP and I really think Jerry Seckler can explain complex weather topics incredibly well. I realized I had some holes in my basic knowledge and his “basic” provides the technical science you need to know in a very understandable way.  And while I understand soundings, his course was a great refresher. 

As usual, the CPPP was run with military precision by Sheri Taylor, everything was on time. Unfortunately, I signed up too late for flight or SIM, but that gives me the opportunity to go back soon. 

The level of volunteerism it takes to pull one of these off always amazes me. I was thinking about Jerry Seckler having to run to SFO to catch a four plus hour flight to Chicago- he’ll get home well after midnight as will Sheri, Ed Watters, and others. And they do this twelve times a year.

We are incredibly lucky to have COPA University. I feel very fortunate to learn from such masters of their craft. Many many thanks To the CPPP team.