COPA CDM Hosting Information

For Organizers

Thanks for your help and interest in promoting flying safety.  This primer has been created to give you information to organize a CDM in your area.

Our goal is to reach 100% of the pilots flying a Cirrus. Your help in reaching that goal is critical. What's the criteria for organizing one? Your willingness to host one and the ability to draw an audience. You need to make that judgment for your local area.

This is a COPA sponsored event BUT it is not limited to COPA members. In fact, we want to reach those pilots who are least likely to have the safety awareness that is promoted by participation in COPA activities. So non COPA pilots are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend. Non COPA Pilots are welcome too. This is also NOT a solicitation for COPA membership, but if they subsequently choose to join, great. Our most important objective is to increase the safety of our flying.

The following are guides for assisting you in organizing a CDM. These materials will be updated from time to time, and new materials may be added, so please check back.

How to Organize a CDM

The hardest part is getting it scheduled—so act now. EVEN if you are not planning it for another 3-6 months, it’s still important to plan early. Doing one in association with a regional event of lunch/dinner fly-in can also work. We regularly do one the day before Migration.

1)     Find a room that will comfortably hold 20-30 people at a local FBO or airport terminal facility. We don’t particularly like to conduct CDM’s in hangars due to noise considerations but, if adequate PA equipment is available and the temperature can be controlled to a comfortable level, we can conduct them in a Hangar.

2)     Select two or three dates (Saturday mornings are best but not sacred; Plan 9 AM to 2 PM; the seminar runs from 10-1:30 with breaks including lunch).

3)     Contact the COPA CDM Chair Tony Sobczak ([email protected], 608-444-6629) to discuss dates and availability of facilitator on one of your dates.

4)     After dates and facilitator confirmed, review the organizers/facilitators checklist.

5)     Once all of the information is confirmed, Tony Sobczak will create a RegOnline registration web page for the event. This will be shared with the Regional Governor and Host for corrections and edits before being registration is turned on.

6)     Your local expenses are reimbursed by COPA & Cirrus (see expense guidelines)

PLEASE NOTE: This is intended to be purely a safety and social seminar. You should not use this as a means to further your business. Advertising and solicitation for business during this seminar is prohibited though a short (1-2 minute) “Thank you for attending” by the host facility and/or sponsor would be appropriate. 

 CDM Organizers Checklist

Read through this whole document now.

After Confirming Date and Location

The CDM Chair will be creating a registration on RegOnline.  The more information you can provide, the better.  Information that will help create a successful post include;  Name and web address of the hosting facility, Name and Web Address of Sponsor, Photos of the FBO, meeting location, airport, and taxi diagram.

Contact Assigned Facilitator and discuss logistics & materials required.

Creatively solicit attendance

i)               Regional Governor shall direct email COPA members in your area using the member directory and create a post on the COPA forum as soon as the event registration is turned on.  It is very important that you make regular posts to the forum to generate interest in your event.

ii)              Direct email Cirrus CFIs (CSIPS) using the Cirrus CSIP directory

iii)            Post flyers at your airport and local airports

iv)             Post flyer at area Cirrus Service Centers

v)              Post announcement in other online pilot forums (remember, COPA membership is NOT required)

1 Week Before

a)     Post (or repost) a note about seminar in the COPA forums (SR22, hangar talk, guest)

b)     Assure you have all materials & arrangements for the day of the seminar

Day of Seminar

Materials you need

1)     Signs! You should have signs pointing attendees to your event

2)     Registration table.  Have a sign in form with names and email addresses of registered attendees.  Have the attendees double check their email for WINGS credit.  Leave extra space for those that show up without pre-registering.   All attendees MUST sign in or register.

3)     Refreshments & Lunch

  1. Have water and coffee in the morning and available throughout the event.  If money/sponsorship is available you could provide cookies or bagels (or the like).
  2. Provide lunch for attendees.  Lunch should be around $10 per person

4)     Projector & computer with Audio capability.  Your facility may have a projector that you can borrow.

Items you will receive from COPA

  • COPA Code of Conduct (20-30 copies; order copies from Donna Cregar [email protected])
  • Registration/Sign in Form (all attendees must sign in)
  • Handouts
  • *Donna Cregar will probably contact you after the seminar is posted

After Seminar

Scan (preferred) or fax to Donna Cregar ([email protected]) and Tony Sobczak ([email protected])

1)     Completed Registration Form

2)     Receipts for expenses

Expense Guidelines for CDMs

COPA will reimburse the Organizer for expenses incurred to host the CDM as follows.

Lunch up to $15 per person

Supplies as needed

Helpful hints

Try to get hosting facility to provide or the FBO to provide either the snacks (coffee, water, cookies, etc) or the lunch.  FBO’s are often open to giving fuel discounts and waiving landing fees.  We will be sure to recognize their generosity on COPA.