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COPA seminars

CPPP chooses locations that combine a convenient airport for sufficient COPA members to attend, a good FBO and the availability of Cirrus service, with a hotel close to the field with meeting rooms suitable for ground instruction. Most participants fly their own plane within 500 miles, some participants live in the area and choose to drive, while some fly more than 500 miles to attend.


CPPP participants usually fly in Friday afternoon, tie-down on the ramp and check-in.   Friday evening is a social "hangar party" welcome reception to introduce everyone, especially flight participants with their assigned flight instructors to begin planning flight recurrent training.  Course schedules and last minute agenda reminders are covered during the Friday reception.


Saturday morning registration checks in everyone.  Breakfast is either included with the hotel accommodations or provided by COPA.

The Saturday morning session is attended by all participants - Partners/Spouses attend the Partner in Command.  Insurance companies told us that this review was the best thing we could do to reduce accidents and insurance claims!  Everyone does it everytime.

The Partner-in-Command course runs concurrently to the general session and partners, spouses, friends that fly with you, whomever you have registered, are invited to participate in this alternative program. 

Lunch is provided by COPA as we split the flight participants into two groups, Flight Group A and Flight Group B and prepare for two sets of 3-hour ground sessions.

These two flight groups will alternate between flying with instructors and sitting in ground sessions.  Flight Group A participants will fly first taking their instructors to the ramp and conducting flight training, while Flight Group B will first take a ground session.  After the first ground session, the two groups will switch and Flight Group B will take their instructors to the ramp while Flight Group A sits in a ground session.

Saturday afternoon has two sessions (12-3pm and 3-6pm) of ground courses, often with multiple choices of topics.  Ground-only participants are welcome to choose any available topic.  

Saturday evening, after the flying and ground sessions conclude, COPA hosts a dinner for all participants and their partners along with instructors and volunteers.  While there is no formal program / agenda, there are informal discussions and always a lot of social interaction. 


Sunday breakfast is either included with the hotel or provided by COPA.

Sunday morning has another set of ground courses with the flight groups alternating again.

Lunch is again provided by COPA when the flight groups alternate between sessions.

Sunday afternoon has the final set of ground courses.

By 3pm mid-afternoon, the program is complete and CPPP participants fly away.  There is no closing session, so the weekend ends as participants are done.

After Weekend

CPPP provides a completion certificate which you may provide to you insurance company.

A week or so later, we'll contact you for a follow-up on-line survey to help us use your feedback to improve the CPPP program in the future.

CPPP Overview | Typical Weekend | Syllabus | CPPP Instructors | Required Insurance | Training Record | Register