Cirrus Design builds a safe airplane. Yet, despite many safety improvements, fatal accidents continue to occur.

Since the introduction of the SR20 in mid-1999, there have been 103 fatal accidents in over 5,400 production Cirrus SR2x aircraft. In those accidents, 204 people have perished with 27 survivors (24 people seriously injured and 3 with minor injuries, including 2 injured on the ground). For current accident statistics, see Cirrus Accident Rates

In the same time frame, there have been 38 "saves" with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) in which 80 people survived. See CAPS Saves and Fatal Accidents

Improving COPA Pilot Safety

After two fatal accidents within 5 days in January 2003, early in the history of the fleet, COPA (the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association), Cirrus Aircraft and our insurers focused on a concerted effort to improve pilot safety, training and decision making.  As a result, for a decade COPA operates several safety programs that further our mission:

  • COPA Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP) a weekend event that offers flight recurrent training with some of the most experienced Cirrus flight instructors and a wealth of Cirrus-specific knowledge in ground courses.  CPPP events are held across the United States, in Germany, France and England and twice a year in Australia
  • Partner in Command (PIC), half-day sessions for those who fly in the right seat, typically non-pilot spouses or partners or friends or children of pilots.

COPA Members Involved in Fewer Accidents

When one looks at Cirrus accident statistics, COPA members show up about half as often as expected and active COPA members about a quarter as expected. See COPA Member Statistics

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