This wiki presents a comprehensive collection of information about Cirrus accidents.  Often, the COPA forum is the place where you will find the earliest and most complete information about a Cirrus accident.  A wiki helps organize all of this information as well as enabling anyone to update and correct the information as it evolves.

As part of the safety mission of COPA, copies of the investigation reports are routinely requested from the NTSB and other national aviation accident investigators.

Look to the right for a table of contents for the organization of the wiki.

  • Recent Discussions -- links to discussion threads of current interest; will be updated occasionally
  • Cirrus Fatal Accidents -- a table of all known fatal accidents in Cirrus aircraft, with links to a wiki page for each accident
  • Cirrus Parachute Activations -- a table of all known CAPS activations, with links to a wiki page for each activation (note, some activations involve fatalities, so details will always be found in the fatal accident wiki page)
  • Non-Fatal Accidents -- occasional reference to Cirrus accidents of interest, definitely only a selected set of accidents
  • Accident Statistics -- summary information about Cirrus accident history
  • Acknowledgements -- COPA depends upon volunteers, and here you will find the folks who did the work here