Cirrus Fatal Accident #56
Ernsthof, Germany
Date:   2009/12/10
Fatalities: 1 fatal
Plane: SR20 D-EYAT
Flight: Night VFR in IMC
Coords: 52.594N -13.992W

Impacted terrain in IMC under unknown circumstances after pilot reported a problem.

Fatal accident #56 near Ernsthof, Germany in SR20 D-EYAT on 2009/12/10

Accident Chain Details

Sequence of decisions that led to the accident:

  • Cargo flight
  • Pilot flew route often
  • Weather reports solid overcast
  • Airport did not have instrument approach (VFR only)
  • News reports indicate pilot reported a problem
  • Problem was reported late Thursday afternoon, plane disappeared from radar
  • Wreckage found Friday early morning; on Thursday search helicopters could not launch because of wheather, foot search all night before unsuccesfull
  • Chute was not pulled

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