Cirrus Fatal Accident #37
Waxhaw, NC
Date:   2008/03/20
Fatalities: 1 fatal
Plane: SR22 N615WM
Experience: 604 hrs; 248 SR2X hrs
NTSB: MIA08FA081 ProbCause
Flight: Day VFR in VMC
Coords: 34.985N 80.764W

Plane impacted terrain during maneuvers to land at private airstrip

Fatal accident #37 near Waxhaw, NC in SR22 N615WM on 2008/03/20

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Photo of GPS track published by NTSB in docket files (see below) Click for larger image.

NTSB Docket Files

NTSB Docket of Related Information:

Project Information (as of Apr 02, 2009 11:11)

Project ID(mkey) Investigation Type Mode
67699 Accident  Aviation
NTSB Accident ID Occurrence Date Location
MIA08FA081 Mar 20, 2008 Waxhaw, NC, United States
Docket Information
Docket ID Creation Date Last Modified Public Release Date & Time
46639 Nov 20, 2008 Jan 31, 2009  01/31/2009 10:11


List of Contents
File ID Filing Date Document Title Pages  Photo 

410249 Jan 22, 2009 Statement of Party Representatives to NTSB Investigation  
410250 Jan 22, 2009 Toxicological Report  
410253 Jan 22, 2009 Witness Statements  
410254 Jan 22, 2009 Cirrus Design Photo Page 1, Aerial Photos  
410255 Jan 22, 2009 Teledyne Continental Photo page 2; Engine & Propeller Exam Photos  
410257 Jan 22, 2009 GPS Overlay of Airplanes flight path  
410309 Jan 23, 2009 Cirrus Design Photo Page 3; On-scene photo's  
410586 Jan 28, 2009 Other Pertinent Forms and Reports; excerpt from Cirrus POH.  


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