Fatal accident #16 near Lancaster, CA in SR20 N526CD on 2006/01/10

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Fatal accident #16 near Lancaster, CA in SR20 N526CD on 2006/01/10

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Cirrus Fatal Accident #16
Lancaster, CA
Date:   2006/01/10
Fatalities: 2 fatal
Plane: SR20 N526CD
Pilot: CFI
Experience: 1052 hrs; 35 SR2X hrs
NTSB: LAX06FA087 ProbCause
Flight: Day VFR in VMC
Coords: 34.751N 118.196W

Plane impacted terrain while student pilot and instructor were practicing return-to-airport maneuver.

Fatal accident #16 near Lancaster, CA in SR20 N526CD on 2006/01/10

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NTSB Docket Files

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Project Information (as of Oct 15, 2008 09:48)

Project ID(mkey) Investigation Type Mode
63080 Accident  Aviation
NTSB Accident ID Occurrence Date Location
LAX06FA087 Jan 09, 2006 Lancaster, CA, United States
Docket Information
Docket ID Creation Date Last Modified Public Release Date & Time
43346 Apr 23, 2007 Sep 19, 2007  09/19/2007 14:56


List of Contents
File ID Filing Date Document Title Pages  Photo 

367186 Apr 25, 2007 Audio File- WJF Tower communications with N526CD  
367190 Apr 25, 2007 WJF ATC Witness Statements  
367191 Apr 25, 2007 Photos- Wreckage Photos  
367192 Apr 25, 2007 WJF ATC Transcript  
367194 Apr 25, 2007 MFD Data Log Retrieval Report  
367195 Apr 25, 2007 Flight Track of N526CD  
367196 Apr 25, 2007 GPS & Engine Downloaded Data 15   
367197 Apr 25, 2007 Toxicology Report- CFI-Rhine  
367198 Apr 25, 2007 Toxicology Report- Student Rubinek  
367202 Apr 25, 2007 Statement of Party Representatives to NTSB Investigation  
367204 Apr 25, 2007 Release of Aircraft Wreckage, NTSB Form 6120.15  
367206 Apr 25, 2007 N526CD Aircraft Logbook 20   
367208 Apr 25, 2007 N526CD Engine Logbook  


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