Cirrus Fatal Accident #13
Norden, CA
Date:   2005/02/06
Fatalities: 1 fatal
Plane: SR22 N286CD
Pilot: Inst
Experience: 474 hrs; 70 SR2X hrs
NTSB: LAX05FA088 ProbCause
Flight: Night IFR in IMC
Coords: 39.283N 120.333W

Pilot reported icing at night over mountains at 16,000 feet, attempted to climb but began accelerated descent; parachute was deployed at very high speed and separated from the airframe.

Fatal accident #13 near Norden, CA in SR22 N286CD on 2005/02/06


Note: This fatal accident involved a CAPS activation, so it appears both here as fatal accident #13 and as CAPS activation #5.  All the information should appear on this page.  The parachute deployed during a high-speed descent at a speed believed to be about 270 knots, twice Vpd of 133 knots, and separated from the airframe.

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Aerial photo of wreckage site from NTSB docket (see below)

NTSB Docket Files

NTSB Preliminary Report: xxx

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NTSB Docket of Related Information:

Project Information (as of Oct 15, 2008 07:37)

Project ID(mkey) Investigation Type Mode
60969 Accident  Aviation
NTSB Accident ID Occurrence Date Location
LAX05FA088 Feb 06, 2005 Norden, CA, United States
Docket Information
Docket ID Creation Date Last Modified Public Release Date & Time
39812 Jun 02, 2005 Oct 18, 2006  10/18/2006 13:56
List of Contents
File ID Filing Date Document Title Pages  Photo 

323922 Jun 02, 2005 Meteorology 5 - Factual Report of Group Chairman 28   
345451 Apr 13, 2006 Map with radar tracks and Communications  
345452 Apr 13, 2006 Map of Intial Debris Field  
345453 Apr 13, 2006 Map of Main Wreckage Debris Field  
345454 Apr 13, 2006 Truckee, CA Weather Observations  
345641 Apr 18, 2006 Transcript of Radio Communications 11   
345656 Apr 18, 2006 Photo- Main Wreckage Debris Field  
345458 Apr 13, 2006 Pilot Toxicological Report  
345645 Apr 18, 2006 Statement of Party Representatives to NTSB Investigation  
345647 Apr 18, 2006 Release of Aircraft Wreckage, NTSB Form 6120.15  
345655 Apr 18, 2006 McGrath- Pilot Logbook 25   
345658 Apr 18, 2006 Aircraft Logbook 14   


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