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This wiki will be deprecated on COPA 3.0 and replaced with updated content. The original description: Comprehensive information gathered about all Cirrus accidents, including fatal and CAPS parachute saves. Includes summary statistics about Cirrus accide
Revision 1: CAPS activation #8 near Wagner, SD in SR22 N751CD on 2006/02/06
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CAPS Activation #8
Wagner, SD
Date:   2006/02/06
Uninjured: 2 uninjured
Plane: SR22 N751CD #44
Pilot: Inst
Experience: 804 hrs; 166 SR2X hrs
NTSB: CHI06LA078 ProbCause
Flight: Day IFR in IMC
Coords: 43.100N 98.253W

Pilot experiences loss of control in IMC shortly after takeoff, so immediately activated CAPS.

CAPS activation #8 near Wagner, SD in SR22 N751CD on 2006/02/06

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