CAPS Activation #8
Wagner, SD
Date:   2006/02/06
Uninjured: 2 uninjured
Plane: SR22 N751CD #44
Pilot: Inst
Experience: 804 hrs; 166 SR2X hrs
NTSB: CHI06LA078 ProbCause
Flight: Day IFR in IMC
Coords: 43.100N 98.253W

Pilot experiences loss of control in IMC shortly after takeoff, so immediately activated CAPS.

CAPS activation #8 near Wagner, SD in SR22 N751CD on 2006/02/06

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NTSB Docket Files

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Project Information (as of Oct 15, 2008 09:48)

Project ID(mkey) Investigation Type Mode
63207 Accident  Aviation
NTSB Accident ID Occurrence Date Location
CHI06LA078 Feb 06, 2006 WAGNER, SD, United States
Docket Information
Docket ID Creation Date Last Modified Public Release Date & Time
42999 Feb 12, 2007 Feb 19, 2007  02/19/2007 14:44


List of Contents
File ID Filing Date Document Title Pages  Photo 

362789 Feb 12, 2007 Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report, NTSB Form 6120.1 10   
362795 Feb 12, 2007 Instructor Statement  
362803 Feb 12, 2007 Cirrus Supplied Chart with Plotted Track  
362801 Feb 12, 2007 Chart With Plotted On-Board Track Data  
362810 Feb 12, 2007 Pilot Operating Handbook Excerpts 36   
362831 Feb 12, 2007 Statement of Party Representatives to NTSB Investigation  
362832 Feb 12, 2007 Release of Aircraft Wreckage, NTSB Form 6120.15  


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