CAPS Activation #5
Norden, CA
Date:   2005/02/06
Fatalities: 1 fatal
Plane: SR22 N286CD #1235
Pilot: Inst
Experience: 474 hrs; 70 SR2X hrs
NTSB: LAX05FA088 ProbCause
Flight: Night IFR in IMC
Coords: 39.283N 120.333W

Pilot reported icing at 16,000 feet and started climb but descended rapidly below radar coverage. CAPS parachute was deployed at high speed, well above Vpd of 133 knots, and failed, departing the airframe before impact.

CAPS activation #5 near Norden, CA in SR22 N286CD on 2005/02/06


Note: This CAPS activation involved a fatal accident, so it appears both here as CAPS activation #5 and fatal accident #13.  All the information should appear on that fatal accident page.  The parachute deployed during a high-speed descent at a speed believed to be about 270 knots, twice Vpd of 133 knots, and separated from the airframe.