CAPS Activation #2
Mount O'Leary, BC, Canada
Date:   2004/04/08
Uninjured: 4 uninjured
Plane: SR20 CGEMC #1241
Pilot: PPL+Night+VFR OTT
Experience: 1900 hrs; 350 SR2X hrs
NTSB: A04P0110 ProbCause
Flight: Night VFR in VMC
Coords: 49.311N 116.323W

Pilot reported loss of control in VFR flight at night at high altitude over the Manashee Mountains in Canada. Parachute risers were used to recover airplane by helicopter. (Canadian accident, not in NTSB database)

CAPS activation #2 near Mount O'Leary, BC, Canada in SR20 CGEMC on 2004/04/08

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