The COPA University initiative benefits from generous contributions to the COPA Safety and Education Foundation. As we near the end of the 2015 tax year, let me provide a status update on the 2015 Founding Donors Campaign to raise funds for the COPA Safety and Education Foundation.

As of today, we are just about to crest $300,000 in contributions from generous members of our community.

We raised almost $200,000 during the quiet period of the campaign prior to announcing it at M13 during the keynote talk “Safety Stand Down and COPA University” (see this video

At M13, we raised $50,000 through the silent auction, pledges during the Saturday banquet, and from personal solicitations. In the past few weeks coincident with email solicitations, we have raised another $50,000 to close in on the $300,000 milestone. 

Over 200 donors have contributed to the COPA Safety and Education Foundation.  We have about 40 named contributors who have each donated more than $1,000 and who are listed on our Wall of Fame on the website (see In addition, we have about 175 donors who contributed smaller amounts through our optional donation links during registration for CDM and CPPP events. These people enable our Foundation to expand our successful safety and training programs.

The Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to the COPA Training Foundation in July 2015 so we can establish the COPA University initiative (see the COPA University Blogat

This grant enabled COPA University to ramp up course development, scenario development and plans for operating in 2016. One purchase was to acquire four customized desktop simulators that serve as the John Leber Memorial Procedure Trainer Laboratory. This laboratory will conduct scenarios from the Command and Control course and will travel to each recurrent training event in 2016. The grant also enabled teams of volunteers to meet in workshops to develop additional course material for each of the five colleges: Aviation Safety, Flight Operations, Advanced Avionics, Aircraft Technology, and Practical Instruction. See this report on the first workshop on Advanced Avionics at

If you wish to contribute, please consider Ways to Contribute found on the COPA safety web site here:

Treasurer, COPA Safety and Education Foundation