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Hanging on by the Rudder

"Hanging on by the rudder"

This comment was made by several attendees of the COPA University, College of Advanced Avionics planning session.  The team consisted of Peter King, Timm Preusser, John Gressett, Rick Beach, Bill Frank, Mike Radomsky and myself.  We were joined by Travis Klumb and Roger Whittier on Friday for the final 2 days of work. 

COPA embarked on a branding strategy a little more than a year ago.  The CPPP and safety programs implemented those changes last year making our material conform to those brand standards.  The resulting presentations looked cleaner and more uniform. 

This year, we have established course content standards and a presentation style sheet.  Peter King conducted nearly 2 days of training with the assembled group on the use of the new style sheet.  All future presentations will be constructed with a defined set of software tools and to a standard that allows COPA to utilize these presentations in a variety of ways and through a variety of distribution methods.

The team assembled at 8:00 am on December 16 and concluded the work at 1 pm Saturday, Dec 19th.  Meeting in a large conference room, the team started generating notes quickly and by the second day, we were running out of room on the walls to post notes that we wanted to capture.  Here is a picture of the assembled group:


 The final day of the conference allowed the College of Aircraft Technology and the College of Aviation Safety to outline the changes for 2016.  Significant progress was made in several areas:

Technology alignment and presentation standardization

Course alignment, construction and the review process

Course content

Future development

Everyone left tired but energized.  Yogi Berra would be proud.  Registration for the CPPP events will open soon.  Between now and then, we will be busy getting all of this new material into the presentations

 See you in Lakeland!

  • Those banquet chairs do move things along though, don't they?

    Wonderful work and impressive dedication, gents.  Tell you what, take the next two Fridays off, why doncha?

  • Those in the photograph from left to right: Peter King, Trip Taylor, John Gressett, Mike Radomsky, Timm Preusser, Rick Beach and photographer Bill Frank. Note that there were about 10 laptops and iPads plus one projector in use for most of the workshop!

  • Nicely done my friend, thanks for the update, and all you do for us.


  • Thank you for the time and energy you all put in serving others. You are greatly appreciated.

  • I second John's comment - your commitment to flight safety and the COPA community is greatly appreciated.