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Introducing COPA University

 Welcome to COPA University!  This blog will keep you informed on developments related to COPA University and will introduce you to people working to create the best aviation safety program for pilots of Technically Advanced Airplanes.

COPA University builds on the successes of the Critical Decision Making seminar and COPA Pilot Proficieny Program. We plan to expand our offerings, use more delivery methods including online learning, and continue the trend of reduced accidents.

With the Houston CPPP and the torrential rains of that week behind us, we can report that the first beta test of the simulator laboratory was successful.  The low ceilings and rain prevented some flights from being conducted.  While that was a disappointment on one hand, it created an opportunity to get more pilots into the simulators and gain valuable operational experience.   As I write this blog post, we are preparing for beta test number two in Van Nuys, CA. 

We were fortunate to have Keith Smith, CEO of PilotEdge, attend the CPPP.  Keith’s company provides the virtual ATC services that we use with our simulators.  Several of our instructors and some CPPP participants had the opportunity to watch how the system works “on the other side” of the microphone.  CPPP instructor, Al Waterloo even got to try his hand at being a controller on the network.

COPA University has benefited greatly by the financial contributions of the membership of COPA and the generous participation of many volunteers in creating a structure for the organization that will lead to success.  During the Cirrus Partner Symposium, several team members working on COPA University gathered for planning sessions.

We came away from that event with a media marketing plan and a working plan to develop 5 colleges within our university system.  Each college will be chaired by a Dean, who will oversee the operation of each college.  We will announce the names of the Deans in a future post. The five colleges are:

  • The College of Aviation Safety
  • The College of Aircraft Operations
  • The College of Advanced Avionics
  • The College of Aircraft Technology
  • The College of Practical Flight and Simulation 

Follow this blog to learn more about COPA University as we prepare for our February, 2016 launch in Lakeland, FL.