Lake Havasu is a great location for a SW Region C2A Formation Clinic! We have a short fuse on this one and rooms are in tight if you are thinking about it don't wait! Just come out an join us. 

Who can join?

  • First time flying formation - no problem.
  • Rusty formation pilot - no problem.
  • Just want to come and check it out? No problem!

Register at - Note - url will be active soon! 

We fly in formation to the highest level of safety possible. Without this premise - I would not be doing it!

We have had many participants who have taken their flying/stick and rudder skills to the next level. Amazingly - you will have fun and acquire a new skill.

We have spots available - it is not too late to join, but don't wait!!!

Questions - call me at 623 694 7742

Hope to see you there!!!

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