We released some significant upgrades to the https://cirrusformation.org web site over the weekend! 

Perhaps the most interesting, is the ability for registered users that have attended a Formation Clinic to setup their own Fly-In/Practice Event.   These events are intended to be used for small meet-ups of pilots that have been to clinics to practice their formation flying skills.  They are typically free.  

From the Formation Flight Clinics and Events map, eligible users will see an New Event button which will let them setup a Fly-In that everyone else will see.  Interested users will be able to e-mail to coordinator and sign-up.  

There is a video at https://dev.cirrusformation.org/video/ScheduleLocalEvent.mov which will walk you through the process of adding an event to the system.  The race is on!  Who's going to schedule the first Fly-In?

Some other minor additions include:

  • A ring drawn around your home airport at the notification radius you set in your profile to make it easy to find events in your area.
  • Formation Clinic Event details  pages, including FBO, Hotel, ground map, airport map, and everything you wanted to know about a Clinic.  You can get to it by clicking an event pin on the map and following the More Information link.  You can also register for Formation Clinic.
  • Ability for Formation Clinic hosts to edit the information page for their event.

If you haven't registered on https://cirrusformation.org, click the Login link on the top of the page and you can register there. All free of course.

We're always looking for ideas for the site.  Feel free to PM me on the COPA site or contact me through the web site. 


Ed Marks