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Regions and Events

COPA Regional Programs

It is fair to say COPA members are a social bunch. COPA Pilots have been getting together since the first few airplanes were delivered. Ranging from the typical casual lunch fly-in social to several sophisticated weekend events, many events have been successfully organized by volunteer COPA members.

Most importantly, join your fellow COPA members and go to the events. It's an incredible opportunity to meet other Cirrus owners, have some fun and learn new things.

Finding events to attend

If you are interested in attending a regional event, the best way is to check the Event Calendar and especially the Announcements located on the sidebar of most COPA website pages. Events are sometimes put together quickly, so if you don't keep an eye on this, an event can slip right by.

Another way is to get to know COPA members in your area. If you notice a forum post by someone in your area, don't hesitate to click their name and send them an email. Lots of casual groups form in just this way. We are working on improving the ability to use the website to look up COPA members near you, which we hope will be ready soon.

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