The group of 10 planes (9 COPA attendees and on leader plane from Air Journeys - also a COPA member in a Cirrus) took off on time from KSUA (Stuart FL) despite having a TFR directly to our south this Sunday caused by you know who spending his second weekend in a row at Mara Lago.  Could put the Palm Beach flight school out of business, but the folks at the Stuart FBO were loving it.  Unfortunately, some SOB VIP stole our transport that the FBO was planning to use to move us from the airport to the Marriott Resort for our first night and instead suggested we simply rent a bunch of Hertz cars in its place.  John and I were not very happy.

Dinner the first night was  loud success with a bunch of folks who hadn't seen one another since last year getting reacquainted and also have the chance to meet several new people that had joined the trip.  Andy Harrison and Karina Wardle joined the group all the way from the UK and Ken and Alison Kirby came in from Texas.  The rest of the group has been on one or more of these trips and it showed with lots of catching up,

The morning was perfect, all sunshine and light winds, and forecast for more of the same all the way to our first stop in the Turks and Caicos where we landed by early afternoon and transferred to The Sands Resort located about 20 minutes from the airport on a beautiful beach.  Here are a few photos from the flight over:

Next stop is the Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVI.