TouchTrainer VM For Sale

Configured for a Cirrus SR22 but easily converted to other aircraft.

I purchased this simulator used a year ago in anticipation of buying my 2016 Cirrus SR22T. Over the course of two months I flew hundreds of instrument approaches into scores of airports nationwide from the comfort of my den. By utilizing the Pilots Edge service I had real ATC controllers giving me all the feedback I never wanted :). I felt like I got a years worth of in-airplane training in 60 days.

Engineered to enable IFR, VFR, aircraft systems, procedural and emergency training with the best price/performance. The VM can host all of the aircraft they simulate with two touchscreens devoted to aircraft specific instrumentation. The 100 degree wide by 70 degree deep VM visual system is the widest and deepest available in its class as well as being fast, smooth and detailed. The VM is very popular product for home and flight school use because of its versatility and very impressive 32 square feet of visual display in a home, hangar or flight school.

$9000 ($12,500 plus extras and taxes new).

Note:  Getting service from the company can be slow, but they do get back to you. I didn't need much in the way of support as the system always worked great.  

FlyThisSim Website:

*Delivery and installation to be discussed.