Introducing Maintenance Tracking with Alerts

AirSync now helps you track when upcoming scheduled maintenance items for your aircraft are due. From the AirSync web interface, simply add each upcoming maintenance item you want to track, set a warning period and you're good to go.

After each flight, AirSync will automatically send out an alert for any maintenance item that is within the warning period you set up. You can also view the status of all scheduled maintenance items that you have set up for your aircraft from the AirSync web interface.

AirSync is a low-cost, self-installed, connectivity service compatible with Cirrus Perspective and Perspective Plus SR20s and SR22s as well as all SF50s. AirSync is also compatible with a number of other platforms from Piper, Cessna, Diamond, Daher and other OEMs.

Installation is as simple as inserting the AirSync SD Card into the avionics panel, plugging the AirSync Bridge into a USB port or cigarette lighter adapter and leaving them in the plane. You can connect to the aircraft anytime via the web or your mobile device to get fuel-on-board, location, trip history, engine performance and more.

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