I have a deal for anyone attending the CPPP in Knoxville this year. If the weather cooperates (which it hasn't for the last 2 years) I'll bring the super decathlon and offer condensed versions of my full training courses on Friday before the CPPP. It's basically 3 hour introductions to:

  • Upset prevention and recovery training
  • spin training
  • basic aerobatics

I have an overview of everything I'll be offering here, https://spark.adobe.com/page/KXVDLrWDjhIQX/  

All the flights will be on Friday before the CPPP and this has nothing to do with the CPPP, just same place, same weekend, and from a CPPP instructor. The time slots are 8-11, 12-3, and 3-6PM. Cost is $450 Thursday and Sunday are possibilities as well upon request. 

If you want to work on some stick and rudder skills, expand your knowledge, or gain some understanding, and have an extra 3 hours, this is for you. Get on my schedule early, these filled up quickly last year.

More details, including the training syllabus for the weekend, are on my website: https://www.inverted-concepts.com/knoxville-cppp