About two years ago, I purchased a G5 SR-20 (143SB) and moved it to Wings Field in Blue Bell, PA (KLOM). Since then, a group consisting of me and four others have been using it to finish our private pilot licenses and our instrument training.

The plane has very good availability and is well maintained through a progressive maintenance program run by Fly Advanced at Wings. With air conditioning, digital fuel gauges (rare in a 20!), XM radio, Perspective Avionics and 60/40 split seating in the back, it is a joy to fly and a great plane in which to train or travel.  

The people who fly in the plane have all become friends and fly together frequently, both for recreational purposes and to help each other train.

We have a terrific give and take with each other and on the few occasions where two people have needed the plane at the same time, there's never been a conflict that couldn't be resolved.

We've just had a single slot open up in the group and we're looking for an individual who is a good fit to join us and fly with us and help us all to be safer pilots and have a good time while doing it.

The economics of the group are configured such that each person pays a monthly fee covering all the fixed costs of owning the plane as well as a low hourly fee to cover fuel. All maintenance is included in the monthly fee.

Please reach out to me directly at if you think you might be a good candidate to join us.