This is a "feeler" thread, to determine interest. We are looking to sell off at least 30-40 OEM ballasts. Excess inventory. We could sell as many as 100 pcs if that much interest exists. These are brand new, never installed OEM Cirrus ballasts.

We are having a close-out of the old Philips made HID 35 watt 24VDC ballast for your landing/taxi lights. Buy 1 as a spare or because you have a failure. We can also provide the bulb. The Philips D1S bulbs are normally $150 we will offer for $120 per bulb if purchased in this offering. Cirrus wants a rediculous price for the bulb or the ballast. $400 or $500 for each item I believe.

We can offer the exact OEM ballast to you that was being used for about 5 years in all Cirrus HID lighting equiped airplanes. We are offering the ballasts for only $130.00 thats $100 off of what we normally charged for this ballast. The Philips part number is XLD924 XenDrive 24 VDC only.

Please indicate interest here so we can decide if we feel there is enough interest to proceed with a group buy with shipping directly to the individual buyers.

Sincerely,  Dan Blumel