Few years ago Mike R. asked me to make and adaptor for Olympus digital voice recorder. The recorder model number is: WS-300M. He wanted to use this recorder as in-flight cockpit recorder.



Google and Amazon sells them for about $140 or so.


The unit has USB connection so it can be connected to any computer just by removing  battery.

So I designed an adapter to power the recorder from the ships power. 

 In this case the power from the inside the hand rest support.

There was one problem, if the power is disconnected before recorder is stopped, then the recording is lost. So I designed the circuitry inside the power adapter that  automatically notifies recorder to save the file even if the power is turned off.

I built bunch of them, but never had time to post it on COPA. So here is an opportunity to have an "on board" cockpit recorder that you can take home and download your recordings to your computer.  Set your recorder to voice activated mode, and have fun.

To make it easy to connect to the plane's audio, I also have the audio cable that comes with the adapter and no charge.

The power adapter is $35 that includes pass through audo cable and shipping in USA. if you want one please paypal to [email protected]