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Innovation, Performance, and Value.

We are proud to be welcomed into the COPA Members Advantage Program and partner with the COPA Safety Foundation to continue to make the Cirrus and COPA Pilots the best of the best.

NexAir Avionics has been an active technical advocate on the COPA forums for many years supporting Cirrus owners and their aircraft. We pride ourselves with our core values of passion for aviation and integrity when servicing our customers. We believe in quality over quantity and complete each Avionics upgrade as if it were being done to our own airplane.

As part of the COPA Members Advantage program, NexAir will provide a technical resource to any COPA member or member's shop to help with any Avionics issue they are having with their Cirrus.

In addition, NexAir will donate ½ percent of all revenue generated at NexAir by COPA members to the COPA Safety and Education Foundation.

We look forward to sharing our passion of flying with the entire COPA community.

David Fetherston, NexAir Avionics


NexAir Avionics - We Understand Digital

The digital components in today's panels are remarkably complex and highly sophisticated. Each "box" has its strengths as well as its own personality "quirks". Some work well with one another, others less so; and that includes components from the same manufacturer. The compatibility issues may be small and hard to fathom but can have serious consequences. Fortunately when you work with NexAir, you get thirty years' worth of experience in the avionics industry.

As an engineer, Dave understands digital. He has exhaustive knowledge of what a unit is capable of doing and how well; even items you won't find in the user's manual (which explains the phone calls from the engineers at the major manufacturers asking him for help on technical issues).

Dave's industry knowledge helps you avoid the mistake of purchasing and installing box A (which you had had your heart set on), tied to box B (which would be a technical disaster), versus just buying box C (which costs more to buy, but less to install and has lower life cycle database costs).

This depth of industry knowledge can only be acquired through years of experience, allowing your panel to be more efficient, more powerful, as well as being easier and more fun to fly with. A concept NexAir Avionics uses to make Smarter Planes. Smarter Pilots.