COPA has established a formalized process to help make it easy for you to invite non-COPA COPA Pilot to join our organization. The following are the steps in the process:

STEP ONE: Prospecting

The process starts with each COPA member being on the lookout for COPA Pilots that aren’t members.

A little research at your airport, with your Service Center or instructor as well as with your COPA friends can identify the potential member. As you travel to other airports and meet other COPA Pilots make sure to ask if they are COPA members. If not get their name and mailing address. At minimum get their telephone number or e-mail address so you can follow-up.

STEP TWO: Create interest to join

If you have time make sure you describe the advantages of ownership. The sources of information, the forums, COPApedia, archives, blogs, The COPA Pilot magazine, the safety and ownership programs such as CPPP and CDM’s, and the social opportunities, Migration, fly-ins and other regional activities all add up to a great value for the COPA Pilot.

STEP THREE: Issue an invitation to join

Forward the name and mailing address via e-mail ([email protected]) or Phone (702) 920-2108 and ask that a member invitation package be sent to your prospective member.

The package will include a hand-addressed invitation indicating you have recommended the prospect for membership, a letter from the COPA President, and membership brochure and a return card. You will get a return e-mail when the package is sent.

STEP FOUR: Follow-up

After giving time for the package to arrive by mail contact the prospect and ask if they have any questions and encourage them to join. It’s a good time to invite them to an upcoming event or just join you for the next $100 hamburger run.

It’s a win, win, win situation

Your new member will get all the benefits of COPA membership and hopefully become a safer pilot who enjoys his airplane more, COPA becomes a stronger organization with greater density that will make for even better programs and events and you will gain a COPA Pilot friend. In addition in recognition of your effort, once you verify that your recruit is a new member, contact the COPA office with this information and once verified your membership will be extended six months. This applies to new members, but not renewals or lapsed members that rejoin.

All COPA members are encouraged to help grow COPA by getting involved in this process.