It is fair to say COPA members are a social bunch. COPA Pilots have been getting together since the first few airplanes were delivered. Ranging from the typical casual lunch fly-in social to several sophisticated weekend events, many events have been successfully organized by volunteer COPA members.

Most importantly, join your fellow COPA members and go to the events. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet other Cirrus owners, have some fun and learn new things.

Finding events to attend

If you are interested in attending a regional event, the best way is to check the Event Calendar and especially the Announcements located on the sidebar of most COPA website pages. Events are sometimes put together quickly, so if you don't keep an eye on this, an event can slip right by.

Another way is to get to know COPA members in your area. If you notice a forum post by someone in your area, don't hesitate to click their name and send them an Private Message. Lots of casual groups form in just this way. You can also use MEMBER SEARCH to find members in your area or an area you are going to.

Visit the REGIONAL forum and sub-forums in the geographies you are interested in learning about and look for discussion on upcoming events. This is also a great place to read about past events, which will let you see who has been active in different areas. Don't hesitate to Private Message any of the folks you see discussing past events, you never know what they are thinking of doing in the future.

Finally, watch your email. Once in a while you may receive an email telling you about regional events or possibly just messages from other members looking to get a group together. Don't hesitate to jump in with your ideas and your help.

Hosting a local event

Obviously you don't need COPA to have lunch with some of your flying buddies. But if you'd like to gather a larger crowd, COPA can help by connecting you with members who have been down this road. The Cirrus regional program is a loosely structured collaboration intended to facilitate members interested in hosting or helping get together with others for either purely social reasons or for educational programs.

If you want to do something simple, like invite a handful of folks to a breakfast or lunch, first make a post on the in the appropriate regional forum. Then contact the governor or webmaster for that region to have it added to the regional calendar.  To hold an informal get-together like this all you need to do is act as host and list yourself as the contact person for information, then keep people informed on the website as the day approaches with updates about weather, parking, etc.

If you are interested in something a little more ambitious, such as putting together a more complicated event or forming a small group, your best bet is to contact the Governor of that Region you want to host the event and they will help you through the process.

Regions & Regional Lead Volunteers

Six regions have been established in North America. Internationally, there is one each for Australia, Brazil, and in Europe for Benelux (Belgium, Netherland, and Luxembourg), the DACH-Region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), and France. It’s important to note we do not see these as hard boundaries. We expect many events will bring aircraft in from other nearby regions as well. We are very fortunate to have eager members willing to help pull events together. They are always interested in new and exciting venues.  You would pay significant dollars to have event companies plan your excursions.  Being a COPA member you get that included in our dues with minimal costs added to cover expenses.

Events that are coordinated with Regional Leads have the advantage of access to emailing event announcements to Members and of course the experience of people who have done this before. So if you reside in their region, please contact them with your ideas and volunteer to host an event yourself.

Volunteers: to update this list, please contact the Website Editor.

We are still looking for volunteers for the following regions. United States: Northwest and South Central.  Europe: UK & Ireland.  Please contact the Regional Coordinator Tony Sobczak or International Director Heike Matthes if you are interested.