NationAir is COPA’s Preferred Insurance Broker

NationAir is COPA’s preferred aviation insurance broker for Cirrus aircraft and has enjoyed that honor since 200


NationAir’s Leadership in Cirrus Aviation Insurance

  • The insurer of choice for Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
  • Your dedicated advocate with underwriters
  • More than 700 Cirrus aircraft insured
  • Active members of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
  • Dynamic supporter of COPA education and training efforts
  • Specialists in Cirrus recurrent and transition training

NationAir and COPA – A History of Advocacy and Success

NationAir’s relationship with Cirrus dates back to the late 1990s. At that time, most insurance underwriters were seriously uninformed about Cirrus; some even thought they were experimental. NationAir began a successful education program to help insurers learn about your aircraft. A few years later, NationAir redoubled its education efforts after a series of accidents. We have proudly worked with COPA in the implementation of the CPPP program.

NationAir insures more than 700 Cirrus. We’ve been committed to COPA from the start, with perfect attendance at every COPA Migration since they began. We’ve also supported COPA financially, and are passionate advocates for Cirrus owners with underwriters. We feel very strongly that our commitment, our expertise, our service and our enthusiasm for Cirrus will help you get the best possible insurance for your plane.

More than just a broker - your trusted advisor

At NationAir, we serve as your advisor, assisting you with recurrent training and even transition planning and training as you move to other aircraft. As an independent broker, we insure all types of aircraft, not just Cirrus. And our independence means we can advocate for you more effectively without any official ties to a manufacturer.Our history with Cirrus and COPA gives us the perspective, the expertise and the influence with underwriters you won’t find elsewhere.

Lower cost, better coverage for Cirrus Owners

  • Expertise guarantees the most competitive Cirrus aviation insurance options
  • Access to all major aviation insurance underwriters
  • Preferred pricing for COPA members

Contact NationAir’s Cirrus Experts:

Jenny Estes

Sales Manager
[email protected]

Kelly Shillito

Cirrus Specialist
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Michelle Maschmidt

Cirrus Specialist
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About NationAir 

NationAir combines the strength of a company whose reach is global, with the personal service of a small broker. It handles insurance for more than $45 billion in assets. Its St. Louis office is devoted exclusively to light aircraft to focus specifically on their needs. Headquartered in Chicago, NationAir fields representatives throughout the country.

From corporate flight departments to specialty aircraft and owner-flown planes, NationAir insures all types of aviation assets, helping clients manage and minimize risks. NationAir works with all major underwriters and has been a pioneer in developing programs to help the general aviation community operate safely and securely.