COPA Mission Statement

The Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is a not-for-profit membership organization established to educate, promote the safety of and support the owners and pilots of certified aircraft manufactured by Cirrus Design Corporation, encourage ownership of these aircraft and provide social activities for its members. Additionally, COPA will promote goodwill towards the general aviation community.

Founded in 2001, with over 3000 members worldwide, COPA is a volunteer-run organization completely independent of Cirrus Design Corp.

Membership is open to all interested individuals. Dues include a subscription to COPA Pilot magazine, access to the COPA members website and forums, and eligibility to attend other COPA events and activities (additional fees apply to some activities).

You may download a PDF of the bylaws under which COPA operates.

Our Code of Conduct:   View here

Board of Directors

The current leadership of COPA is made up of the following volunteers:

COPA holds annual board elections. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for any position.  Board Biographies

Contact Information

Detailed Contact Information & Email Links Page

Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association
2441 Tech Center Ct. #103
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Office: (702) 920-2108


Other COPA-Wide Volunteers include:

Position Volunteers
Technical Liaisons Roger Whittier and Tim Timmerman
Medical Expert Dr. Jerrold Seckler
Chairman Safety Committee Rick Beach
Chairman Training Committee Ed Watters
Chairman IT Committee Mitchel Sellers
Moderation Committee Dr. Jerrold Seckler, Jack Long and Roy Helsing 
Board Nominating Committee Dr. Jerrold Seckler, Gordon Feingold, Jason Price
Finance Committee Arthur Gunn

Recruiting for COPA

Our best membership recruiting is by word of mouth from our members. Learn more about membership recruiting.

Annual Meetings

COPA Membership Meeting Minutes 10.18.2019

COPA Membership Meeting Minutes 10.12.2018

September 9, 2016 - Duluth, MN - Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Video

Board Minutes (2020)

COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 01.15.2020

Board Minutes (2019)

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COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 8.13.2019

COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 6.3.2019

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COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 2.26.2019

Board Minutes (2018)

COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 12.3.2018

COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 10.14.2018

COPA BoD Meeting Minutes 8.23.2018

Board Minutes (2017)

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - Dec 4 2017

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - Nov 6 2017

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - Oct 2 2017

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - Aug 7 2017

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - Jun 5 2017

COPA BOD Meeting Minutes - May 1 2017

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Board Minutes (2016)

December 5, 2016 - Conference Call

November 7, 2016 - Conference Call

September 9, 2016 - Duluth, MN

June 8, 2016 - Conference Call

February 29, 2016 - Lakeland, FL