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Site Upgrade News 5-9-2014

Site Upgrade News 5-9-2014

I wanted to provide the members an update on the site.  Over the last few weeks our support team have been analyzing the site performance and where could be changes to improve performance.  

First a little discussion on how the Telligent software works.  This software is based on a widget architecture.  All the pieces of information on a page are contained in these widgets.  This gives us incredible flexibility and display options. Each widget has many options that we can use to display content.  We as administrators can make changes on the site without having to do any coding or work on files.  That is the good news.  The downside is that to produce that functionality,  there is significant amount of code or CSS files that have to be downloaded to the client.  If you remember back when we first started using this software,  some analyzed the amount and it was over 3M on certain pages.

So our support team went to work and analyzed what parts of that code was not being used.  They developed ways to remove that code.  This has greatly reduced the amount of code that has to be sent to your clients.  In many cases it is less than 1M.  

Then the team went to work looking at what information changes on each page and what does not.  They then modified the way the Cache works and made the static content all cached.  This also has improved the site performance.  There is one downside to this change and that is when we make changes to some content,  it could take 15 minutes or so to display.  For content like blogs and calendar entries,  I think that is acceptable. We don't need real time changes if it improves your user experience.

They then worked to fix all the TinyMCE editor problems that were there.  These were all bugs in the software that Telligent uses.  Our support team has fixed all the bugs we have reported in the editor except for the Video player on IPAD.  That is  another third party product and we are waiting for them to fix that IPAD player bug.

The support team last night rolled out another fix that we asked for.  That is in the DISPLAY NAME on content.  Members expressed dissatisfaction that they could not tell who people were by their userid.  So the team changed the way your name is shown on the site.  If you are a member and are logged in,  we all see the members First Name and Last Name.  If you are not a member or are not logged in,  then you see the userid.  This addresses the issue some members expressed in not wanted their full name shown on the internet.

So what does this all mean.  Well,  on my laptop in DC on a 20/5M FIOS connection to the internet,  I am seeing sub 3 second page loads on WHAT'S NEW.  Sometimes it is under 2 Seconds.  This is now for me in parity to what we had on COPA 2.0.  On my Ipad,  the WHAT'S NEW has gone from over 6 seconds to less than 3 and sometimes less than 2.  I am keeping my number of new messages (RED NUMBERS) to less than 2 pages. The site is far zippier to me when I click on messages to load and to post.  

So,  by re-engineering the way that Telligent composed pages and then sent them to the client,  we have vastly improved the performance for users.  

Let me know what you are seeing on your client.  If you find any TinyMCE editor bugs please let me know.

Your performance will depend on the speed of our computer.  Its connection speed will determine how fast it is for you.  Just like for all the sites you visit.

I hope this makes the site experience better for you.

  • Seems to be much "zippier" for me too!  Thanks for the work and great explanation John.

  • Definitely faster.  Do we now get LF's in PM's?

  • Great work, John and team. I feel the difference.


  • Members should know that John and his Committee spend a huge amount of their free time (no matter how little that might be) in making this site better and better.  I see the many, many conversations they have, day in and day out. Every COPA member who uses this site owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  Their efforts to provide the continuity of effort and the massive task of making all the technology we use work together as well as continue the enormous advancements that have been made over the years is deserving of our many thanks. And yes, I notice a nice uptick in performance across my multiple platforms.

  • Thanks John and the web team.  The improvements are noticeable.

  • Great job, John Y. and team!  One request: can you also make the "In reply to ..." that shows up on forum responses display the full name as well?

  • Great job and good result. One tiny-tiny suggestion. Now that real names appear in the posts, since user names are in the "reply to" field, it makes back tracking (to what post is this a reply?) really difficult.

  • John,

    Thanks to you and all your helpers working on the speed and other issues on the new COPA website.  The dot-zero version of any major upgrade like this is always exciting.  It gets better with every iteration.  Great job!!

  • The reply to name has been fixed.  All in good time. We wanted to make sure it worked before doing both.