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Site Upgrade News 26 April 2014

Site Upgrade News 26 April 2014

This week our support team applied some hot fixes from Zimbra/Telligent.  This included an updated version of TinyMCE Editor that is used in our site for Forums/blogs/wikis/and Private messages.  Release notes indicates this should fix some formatting issues on IOS and other operating systems/browsers.

The support Staff also made some changes in cache and indexing on the servers as well as improved some stored procedures on the database servers. It has improved the performance some (Milliseconds). 

Users can see improved performance by clearing their RED Numbers in forums.  This reduces the processing that is needed to list the FORUM page and the WHAT'S NEW page.

We also got our production license from Zimbra/Telligent this week.

We added HOME AIRPORT to MEMBER SEARCH to allow members to search for COPA members at airports they frequent.  

  • Thanks John and team!!!

  • John:

    First, thanks, second, how do you clear the red numbers for all the posts your not interested in. Better, yet for me at least it would be nice to turn the red numbers off.


  • Gil,

    To clear the red-numbers "Mark all posts as read"

  • Marcus:

    Thank you, I feel better already.