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COPA 3 - Onward and Upward

COPA 3 - Onward and Upward

This week marks a milestone for the COPA 3 upgrade. We pushed in some fixes last night that have now cleared all the high priority issues we have been working on. The big items in that upgrade was fixing a problem that had appeared with our calendar integration with the Regonline site we use for many events, improving the handling of videos and PDF's on iPad's and iPhones, and eliminating the timeout on the cookies that keep you logged in to the COPA site.

Last week we cleared the performance issues that had plagued the site since the cutover, and since then traffic has recovered nicely. Last Friday the team moved its attention from the tactical issues and brought our focus to developing the Regions area of the website. Since then, we have implemented new pages for Regions, North America, and the 6 US regions, and revamped the calendars. We also developed a series of training videos, mostly for the Regional Coordinators but also released an introduction to the regional pages that appears below.

We will be spending some more time making sure the Regions sites are up and running, including finishing out the International sites. Our hope is to then turn attention to developing the Technical Resources sections.  is putting together a team that will be developing the requirements and have the technical capability to implement them; the COPA 3 team will then take those requirements and implement the infrastructure for Roger's team to fill. This model has worked very well with the Regions.

Here is the overview of the new Regions site (and a reminder all the COPA training videos are available on Youtube:

  • "improving the handling of videos and PDF's on iPad's and iPhones,"

    Before and after clearing the cache, not working on ipad.

  • I'm trying to register for CPPP and find locations, but I find nothing in the safety section.  When I click on the register button, it brings me back to the same page!!!

    Please help!