January, 2014 - COPA 3 Website Upgrade - COPA Admin - Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
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  • COPA 3 - Onward and Upward

    This week marks a milestone for the COPA 3 upgrade. We pushed in some fixes last night that have now cleared all the high priority issues we have been working on. The big items in that upgrade was fixing a problem that had appeared with our calendar integration...
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  • COPA 3 - Report to the Board

    Today we had a project review with the COPA Board of Directors. Below is a summary of what was presented: Overall Summary The project is now where we would have liked to have been about 2 weeks ago. By missing that window, we have slipped into a period...
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  • COPA 3 - Happy New Year

    This week we have had the team back at partial strength in a holiday week. Nonetheless, we have continued an intense focus on the performance of the site, as well as some of the other issues. In particular, there has been a lot of work on the primary...
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