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COPA 3 - Intra-Holiday Report

COPA 3 - Intra-Holiday Report

We have left the site to settle for the last week as the development team got some break and recovery time. This week we are coming back to work, and will be at full strength next week.

Last night a few updates went in. One change should reduce page load times by .6-.8 seconds, a significant and necessary improvement. We improved the caching of the dynamically built menus that appear on every page. Also, the message fonts were darkened further,  and considerable vertical space was trimmed from the signature area of messages in the thread display, tightening that up.

Every time we make a significant performance change, we need to run and recapture the performance diagnostics to see where the next target of opportunity lies. We hope to get a good set of analysis data soon that we can share, to see where we have been, where we are, and to set goals for where we are going. Up to now, all the work has focussed on server-side performance, but going forward we will be looking to make improvements in the client-side as well. 

The entire development team does follow the discussions in our forums, and is deeply committed to producing a product COPA will be proud of.  We are very grateful for the many expressions of support received both publicly and privately, and understand the frustrations that lead to the complaints. This platform provides tremendous capability for COPA's volunteers to grow the content and usability of the website, but that very flexibility has made performance a particular and unexpected challenge. And all your team is committed to meeting it.

  • The update and hard work is most appreciated!


  • Curt and team:

    Looks and Sounds like we are making steady progress.

    Appreciate the teams hard work!

    The more I poke around in 3.0 the more I like it.


  • Thanks so much for your efforts!


  • Rick,

    As a once-engineer, I recall that little meaningful work is performed without overcoming friction and generating heat.  From the abundance of both in this forum, we must assume that significant work is ongoing.  

    Thank you for all that you and the team are doing.  


  • My membership will auto renew in March and I assume you have a Credit Card on file which is no longer valid. I have not found where that info can be updated. Where can I find it?