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COPA 3 Day 4 - Settling in

COPA 3 Day 4 - Settling in

The visible pace of changes has slowed a bit today, but below the surface of the water feet were still paddling madly.

In addition to last night's changes, 2 more changes were put in during the course of the day today. Today's changes should shave another 2 seconds off most page loads. These were to further optimize the indexes on the red numbers (cutting calculations from 800ms to 40ms), and improving the site-side cacheing of the top menu bars.

Mostly unnoticed will be the ~dozen fixes that were also slipped in today that fixed formatting issues introduced by last night's wider screen format feature.

More work was done on features that will get more prominence in the future, such as the integration with our RegOnline calendaring system, better coordinating clocks between the two systems.

By special request, we added the 'breadcrumb' trail (it appears at the top of threads showing what topic and subtopic the posts reside in) to the bottom of the page as well to simplify navigation after reading the thread.

The 'ghost' of COPApedia was installed in the 'SR Aircraft' topic. COPApedia is now 'deprecated', meaning it is not supported in favor of the new wiki model, but we brought the old pages across for 'harvesting' of their content. Most of the inter-page links in the old COPApedia don't work, but the new search function does find its content (something it never did on the old site). For more on wikis, see our training video on them, accessible through the HELP link at the right end of the top bar, down at the bottom of that page.

Tomorrow we will be working to put other issues to bed, and have our eyes on a couple more performance tweaks. Then, as mentioned in yesterday's update, we will slow down considerably on the changes through the holidays.

  • The speed difference today is noticeable.  Well done!  The addition of the bottom breadcrumb is a welcome re-implementation as well.  Thanks to the COPA 3 volunteers on stabilization of the site in such short order.  As a CIO and long time IT professional, I know that's not an easy thing to do.  Thank you.

  • <p>No improvement felt here, I'm afraid.</p>