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COPA 3 Day 2 - Some improvements

COPA 3 Day 2 - Some improvements

Wrapping up Day 2 on COPA 3, we have seen some improvements. Most of the work went into the performance side; the database indexing did indeed improve performance, for most users perhaps it has moved from excruciating to painful. We did have a brief outage of about 10 minutes when an update did not go to plan; we only update one of our 3 servers at a time, but it unexpectedly impacted them all. Hopefully we will not see a repeat, as we have a lot of upgrades to do. 

Tonight we have pushed out another upgrade. Some of the image files have been optimized to reduce page download sizes and improve speed, and we are installing diagnostics to aid in further speed improvements. In addition, we have changed the fonts throughout the site to darken them and improve readability.

Going forward, we are contemplating improvements to our display of Real Names on the site, being mooted in this thread, An option for Real Names, as well as better accommodation of wider displays.

We deeply appreciate the Membership's patience and forbearance as we go through this necessary passage to our new platform.

  • Curt & Team:

    You all have shown the patience and professionalism in managing this challenging changeover that shows everyone's many years as IT and systems pro's.  These daily status updates are as valuable feedback tools for the membership as I know our running commentaries and suggestions are for the COPA 3 team.  

    Keep on keeping on.

  • @cnsanford-- I just ran the basic profiler on a page load and noticed a few things that I'm sure you already know...

    1. The first request is the lion's share of the load time and this is likely database hit and page render.

    2. Images don't appear to require much load time and are mostly pretty small.

    3. The JavaScript appears to periodically send a requests/updates every quarter to half second. Is this necessary? Can this be shut off? If there are dozens of people online at the same time, this could be hitting the server(s) pretty often.

    4. The calendars and recent events on the forums main page appear to require a POST after page load and that chews up some time, too. If these aren't already cached (nightly), they probably could be and save some processing time. I was a bit surprised to see a page load consist of things other than GET requests.

    5. I noticed that .js files are served from, too. These could be moved to static asset servers but I doubt that would help too much. Depends on how many hits you get per minute. Still, pushing this to something like Amazon's CloudFront might make loads go faster for users around the world so they don't have to pull static assets from California.

    6. This "Leave a comment" box is only 3 lines tall and doesn't allow me to scroll! (on Firefox / Mac OS X)

  • Thanks for the thoughtful analysis, Zeke. Lots of the data is cached server-side, I am not sure about the calendars specifically. I have passed your comment on to our developers to see how it can add to their insights.

    As for the Comment box, I am generally not a big fan of the comment mechanism to begin with, I think comment streams belong in forums not in backwaters like this. I have a vision of how to do this, but we ran out of time on this project for that.