Somehow we have survived the first day of COPA 3. There have been no major site crashes, and only one member reported being locked out. We have opened and closed over 20 tickets regarding site problems, with just a couple remaining open.

It is a big change, and the feedback reflects that. The 3 primary issues being reported are:

  1. Speed
  2. Information Density ("too much white space")
  3. Font choice

Item #1 is our top priority at the moment. We fully expected the performance we are seeing; it is not possible to tune the servers until the live site is up and the load is here. We are taking the first step toward that starting 10pm PDT Tonight by running a full reindex of the site databases. This will run for some hours, and may very well slow the site further during that time. But we expect to reap the benefits tomorrow and beyond as database accesses run much faster. This is just the first step in at least a week of tuning we have ahead of us. Those with long (and pained) memories will recall we went through this identical process in the COPA 2.0 upgrade.

The other items are longer term. We went through an extended beta that was publicly announced and included all who volunteered. During that time, believe it or not we increased the information density and darkened the fonts. So we are not unfamiliar with the issues, but a lot of work has gone in to get us to this point, and we have a number of other areas we need to focus on to get the site stabilized. So when the smoke has cleared, and people have had some time and experience with the site, we will come back to these.

Meantime, your COPA 3 team is going to get some rest tonight. Try not to break anything, ok?!